Grace Maria
Robin B
Hillegomse schrijfster van het nieuwe moraal (1855 -1920)

Pop Art Photo Editing

April 16th 2022 is Hillegom MontMartre event

During that event you can bring a Pop Art photo yourself. Take a sharp and high-contrast photo with you for editing. I can also picture you on the spot for the Pop Art editing. You control my computer with your fingers and I help you, together we make the final image.

For a small fee you can immediately receive the file digitally. 
For a beautiful or special print, we will make an agreement about the price and I will deliver it to you later.

Of course you can also discuss and order a Pop Art image separately from the event by filling the Contact Form in te vullen.

Of course you can sent a mail as wel

Moeder Maria
Poetin en de kerk
Ron B
Minister-president 1973–1977


Printing on T shirts, polos and sweaters possible