Honda Goldwing GL 1200 Interstate wordt een EV motorfiets.

June 2018 I picked up a GL 1200 in Oldenzaal and after that I started stripping it to convert it to an electric tour motor. The Honda importer I approached said that with such a renovation, the motorcycle may no longer bear the name Honda. I therefore think about a new name.

After a period of investigation, injuries and other worries, it is now January 2020 and limited progress has been made. The intention is to take a more aggressive approach to the project. The electric motor and transmission have since been assembled. Agreements about the electro-technical part have been planned.

Battery possibilities taken on January 17, 2020 in Europe EV Delft thanks to Wout. It's nice, the price remains a problem.
Because there are several places I eea components are essentially measure January 23 at GL 1200 in Voorschoten, thanks to Thea and Jack. This day was also taken the decision not to proceed with the individual battery modules. It is simply too expensive and the benefits of space-weighs not sufficient to offset the additional cost. Therefore, a first rough draft made the battery box designed and "sheltered" should be.

All examined and after consultation with Wout still decided to choose the convenient battery packs. A smaller number of supplies eventually nominally as much as 4 kWh Tesla battery parts. A big advantage is that the number of Volts higher CSS making rapid charging is possible.
Kortom, het uiterlijk met extra kappen zoals eerder omschreven komt hiermee te vervallen.
The polishing of the chrome and sanding of the plastic parts has begun.
The "aluminium container" for the batteries and other equipment is now being made